What would a volunteer experience with a Kent ISD Physical Therapist look like?

Participating in a volunteer experience at Kent ISD may look quite different than your typical volunteer experience. Our PT's are very dynamic, flexible and mobile on a daily basis. When providing services to children in the school setting, we may have children as young as a couple months old, up to 26 years old. Most services are provided in a public school setting, but we may also provide services in private schools, homes, and occasionally in the community (YMCA, mall, grocery store, park, etc.). Our therapists may service one school building/site per day or may travel between several sites per day. In addition to direct student treatments, our therapists also serve as consultants to school staff, participate in team meetings, and coordinate service delivery with medically based health care providers.

How can I volunteer with a Physical Therapist at Kent ISD?

If you are interested in completing some volunteer hours with a Physical Therapist at Kent ISD, we ask that you complete the Volunteer Request Questionnaire. This will provide us with the necessary information to determine if we have an appropriate volunteer opportunity available for you.

*Please note that completing the Questionnaire does not guarantee a volunteer placement within Kent ISD. This information will help us determine if we have an appropriate opportunity available to meet your needs. Our volunteer coordinator will contact you if an opportunity may or may not be available. If a volunteer opportunity is available, you will be required to complete a basic school volunteer background check, sign a "Volunteer Contract" which will address need for confidentiality, professionalism in conduct during volunteer times, ability to provide your own transportation between treatment sites/schools, timeliness, and a commitment to the volunteer experience.