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Staff Contact Information

                                                    Karen Lezan Coordinator Contact Information 6163652276

                    Shelley Bauer Parent Educator Cedar Springs. 616-696-1203 extension 6192                Denise Kreske Parent Educator Northview and Comstock park 616-447-3094

                   Wendy Bronkema Parent Educator Sparta and Kenowa Hills. 616-447-3103                Joyce Mason parent educator Kelloggsville and Wyoming 616-447-3095   

                  Laura Fasel Lead Parent Educator Grand Rapids SW and Grandville. 616-447-3091               Dawn Ress parent educator byron Center, caledonia, and Thornapple Kellogg 616-447-3096         

                    Caroline Galle parent Educator Cedar Springs. 616-696-9884 extension 1369               Ethel Rodriguez parent Educator Godfrey Lee and Godwin heights 616-447-3097

                    esther gomez parent educator grand rapids buchanan Spanish speaking families. 616-447-3092               Beth Straubel Parent Educator Rockford and Lowell 616-447-3098

                    Rebecca Hodges Parent Educator Grand Rapids North 616-447-3101               Kathy Watrous Parent Educator Forest Hills and East Grand Rapids 616-447-3099        

                    Lora jenema parent Educator Cedar Springs and Kent City 616-447-3093               Julie woody Parent Educator Grand Rapids South and Kentwood

                                                      Staci Zuspann parent educator kentwood 616-447-3100


Parents as Teachers Philosophy 

All children will learn, grow, and develop to realize their full potential. 

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