West Michigan Post-Graduation Opportunities and Resources

To comply with Michigan law*, Districts are required to distribute a link to this post-graduation opportunities informational packet to all students in grades 8-12 by October 1 of each year. The information below is supplemental and focused on local opportunities and resources.

College Information

Get a Job

Serve My Community of Country

I'm Not Sure / Assess My Skills

The Educational Development Plan (EDP) tools listed on the Pathfinder site are free and very useful. However, most school districts supply students with EDP software such as XelloNaviance, and Mavin for Career Development starting in 7th grade. Parents and teachers of enrolled students have access to their students’ EDP data through (and, in some cases, past) graduation. Consult with your school district for access to this resource.

Early College Credit in High School

Additional Resrouces

Late in 2022, the Legislature adopted HB 4953, which is now MCL 380.1293. This law took effect at the beginning this school year (2023-24) and it requires that MDE develop "post-graduation opportunities informational packets" for students and update that information annually on or before August 1. The law further requires that schools "[provide], in electronic form or nonelectronic form, the informational packet…to each pupil enrolled in any of grades 8 to 12" on or before October 1 each year. Earlier this month, MDE sent out a memo letting districts know that they had developed the packet in collaboration with the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO) and that it is available online.*

To comply with this requirement, Districts need to distribute a link to this online packet to all students in grades 8-12 each year, by October 1. 

Additionally, for your benefit and the benefit of your students and families, Kent ISD has created a supplemental list of resources and links, specific to Kent County/West Michigan.