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Is Launch u right for you?

Are you on the road to academic excellence? Do you feel you have good time management skills? Do you enjoy learning new things at a fast pace? Are you self motivated and goal driven? Are you organized and accountable? 

Interested in earning a General Associate degree or transfer credentials cost free?  The Launch U General Associate pathway might be right for you!

Do you like to take things apart? Do you wonder how things work? Perhaps you enjoy sketching and drawing? Are interested in AutoCAD, 3D Printing, or detailing and drafting? If any of this sounds familiar, the Launch U Mechanical Design pathway might be the right fit for you. Students in this program can earn an Associate Degree or Certificate in Mechanical Design.

The best part? Both programs are tuition-Free!

Because of the combination of high school AND college courses, a Launch U student's schedule looks a little different. Below are examples of what a  schedule might look like in each of the two programs. Note that these are examples and not the exact schedule of every student.

Courses cover a variety of topics including government, psychology, statistics and public speaking. Students also get to choose courses in areas that interest them most like art, business, technology, engineering and education, to create a more focused degree.

Example Schedule

9th Grade

  • High school classes - English, Math, Science, History, Visual Arts, PE/Health

10th Grade

  • High school classes - English, Math, Science, History
  • College courses - Intro to Theater TH 248, American Gov 110, Healthy Living WE 189, Strategies for College and Life Success PY 100

11th Grade

  • High school classes - English, Math, Science, History
  • College courses - Music MUS 110, World History HS 121,  Psychology PY 201, Geoscience GL 106

12th Grade

  • High school classes - 4 electives
  • College courses - English I EN 101, English II EN 102, Elective, Math MA 215

13th Year

  • College courses - Trigonometry MA 108 OR Statistics 215, 5 courses of student's choice

Courses cover drafting, mechanical concepts, and tool and die design. Students also learn software programs like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Pro-E. As students move through the program, they have increasing opportunities to see their designs come to life – from initial drafts to finished products.

Mechanical Design careers are in demand in many industries, including - aerospace and defense, automotive, marine, nuclear energy, electronics.

Example Schedule

9th Grade

  • High school classes - English, Math, Science, History, Visual Arts, PE/Health

10th Grade

  • High school classes - English, Math, Science, History
  • College courses - Industrial Graphics with CAD EG 110, Intro to SolidWorks DR 150, Intro to Mechanical Concepts DR 180, Intermediate SolidWorks DR 190

11th Grade

  • High school classes - English, Math, Science, History
  • College courses - Detail Drafting DR 229, Advanced SolidWorks DR 240, Intro to Inventor DR 140, Advanced Engineering Graphics EG 201

12th Grade

  • High school classes - 4 electives
  • College courses - Intro to Pro Engineering/CREO DR 258, Possible Math MA 108, Die Design DR 224, English I EN 101

13th Year

  • College courses - Material Science TE 114, Tool Design DR 212, Theory of Machine Operations MN 199, Team Design Project 279, English II EN 102, Humanities, Social Science

How Mechanical Design can benefit you 

The Launch U Mechanical Design program is designed for students to directly enter high-paying, high-demand jobs. Or students can prepare to transfer to a four year college or university.

Manufacturers in West Michigan are in shortage of skilled, talented workers. Through Launch U, students use software and equipment found in industry, gaining the practical skills to be successful in the work place. Mechanical Design students attain the highly sought after experience employers desire, and will land high-paying jobs.

West Michigan is anticipated to need over 7500 Mechanical Designers over the next 5 years. These jobs have an average entry level wage of $22 per hour. 

Mechanical design is a field that requires creativity, innovation, and hands-on work. Designers apply their education to design, develop, and test new machinery, technologies, and products. Visit the GRCC Website to learn more about Mechanical Design. 


Greg Wolf, chief technical advisor, shares an overview of careers in Mechanical Design and his need for skilled, talented employees.


Jon Dyer, of business development and engineering, says mechanical designers bring ideas to life. From the computer screen to the robotics that build the biggest products, designers solve problems creatively.

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