Information Systems

The Information Systems team provides support for many applications, including PowerSchool, MicroSoft SQL server, Tienet and several custom applications.

Our successes are hosting PowerSchool services for 6 LEA districts and List Serves. The Information Systems team hosts quarterly user group meetings and workshops for our group members. We also facilitate the information exchange between the ISD and sending school districts.

Resource Links (need Google account to access):

KISD PowerSchool Portals for Teachers/Students/Parents:

CenterBase PowerSchool Portal Teachers/Students/Parents:

Information Systems Lead - Garrett Burgett

Garrett is a former teacher who has experience in both the teacher and administrative sides of learning and student management systems.  He has spent his teaching career focusing on technology in the classroom and blended learning using Project Based and Standards-Based methods. He will provide system training and support for PowerSchool users both on campus and for our LEAs.

Student Information System Coordinator - Elisa Talsma

Elissa Talsma supports PowerSchool users, both on campus and our LEAs. She has over 6 years of experience with PowerSchool, having worked for another Michigan ISD before coming to Kent ISD. She attained her Bachelors of Science in Information Systems from Grand Valley State University. In addition to providing system support and training for users, Elissa enjoys working with the technical aspects of PowerSchool as well – including working with the PowerSchool servers and building custom reports.

Student Information System Support - 

Mary helps to ensure data quality and troubleshooting for our LEAs/PSAs. She provides application support for internal programs to ensure quality data practices are incorporated into the program’s processes. She also supports numerous applications: SchoolMessenger, Monsido,, InterSpire Mail Marketer, and PHPQuentionaire to name a few.

PowerSchool Programmer and Technical Support -  Peter Nethercott

Peter has worked as a data warehouse developer since the inception of the data warehouse. He has developed hundreds of reports for our LEAs/PSAs. He also is the developer/co-developer of many software applications, such as Great Start to Quality (GSQ), Truancy web application, and the IGOR iPad app. Peter will focus on web-based customizations.

Data Support Specialist - Kathi Thornton

Kathi Thornton has been working with Educational data for 15 years.  Kathi supports the collection and reporting of student and instructional data for all of the state and federal mandated collections including General, Early Childhood, Early On, Teacher Student Data Link, Graduation and Dropout, School Infrastructure Database and Civil Rights Data Collection.   She has worked with staff certification data through the reporting of the Registry of Educational Personnel.  Kathi has a great understanding of how the reporting of educational data intertwines together to ultimately affect the Accountability Report Card.  Kathi currently represents Kent ISD and our constituents as a member of the Michigan Pupil Accounting and Attendance Association Board.  This board works with CEPI and the MDE to effectively collect and report educational data in the state of Michigan.

Data Integration Specialist - Chris Barnwood

Chris is a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Systems and a minor in Business. While at Grand Valley Chris founded and was President of Hackers Analyzing Threats (HAT) and Vice President Grand Valley’s chapter of the Association of IT Professionals (AITP). Chris is heavily involved with connecting the districts that Kent ISD serves to MiDataHub.  He also provides support when systems are unable to properly exchange data.