Schools of Choice

There are many options for quality education within Kent ISD. Our School of Choice plan is designed to provide the best possible education for the vast majority of families who choose their home district, while accommodating those who would like to transfer to another school.

Deadlines for the 2019-2020 Choice Plan:

  • Applications accepted April 8 - May 10, 2019 at 4p.m.
  • Parents notified by May 22 if student accepted
  • Parents confirm decision to attend by June 3
  • Waiting list families notified about openings and confirm decision to attend June 3-June 28
  • School of Choice slots not filled during the initial application period remain open until the day after Labor Day

How Schools of Choice Works

The Kent ISD School of Choice plan is a lottery-oriented system, not a first-come, first-served one. All applications are accepted from the opening date through the deadline date at 4 p.m. You may download an application here once available. Only one application may be submitted and families who submit more than one may be disqualified from the entire process.

There is no advantage to submitting an application early, since all applications are considered at the end of the application period.  If a district has more applications than openings, a random drawing will take place the week of May 14. If a district has slots remaining after the deadline, they can accept students until the day after Labor Day. Please review the Plan and Brochure to learn about the plan, rules, and considerations for families.

2019-2020 Schools of Choice Brochure

2019-2020 Kent ISD School of Choice Plan (for reference only)

Applications Accepted Starting April 8, 2019

Schools of Choice Application - English            Schools of Choice Application - Spanish 

Please note:

Many districts accept SOC applications online via their website. Access Area school websites for more specific district information on Schools of Choice.

10 Considerations When Choosing a School

1. Does the school and the community match your expectations? Are buildings presentable? Are teachers and students friendly?

2. What special services does the school offer? Does it offer the special needs or gifted and talented programming your child might require? Do the extracurricular and athletic offerings match your child's interests?

3. Does the curriculum meet state and national standards? Does the curriculum help prepare children for the realities of the working world and the diverse people they will meet? Does the district offer special programming focused in areas of interest to your child?

4. How does the school integrate technology into the classroom? Is technology integrated into the curriculum? Does the school have a well-equipped media center?

5. How does the school communicate with families? Do the opportunities for parent involvement meet your needs and desires? Are parents involved in their children's education?

6. What is the student-teacher ratio? Will your child get the attention he or she needs to succeed? Are students actively engaged in their education? Is there a sufficient mix of teaching and self-guided instruction to engage your child?

7. Will school or self-provided transportation meet your child's needs? Will transportation capabilities allow your child to participate in the before- or after-school activities that meet his or her needs and interests?

8. Will there be consistency in the curriculum, the staff, and in your child's friends from year to year?

9. How does the school handle disciplinary matters? What is the parent's involvement in disciplinary matters?

10. What is the school doing to meet demands for improved student achievement? Are parents, teachers and administrators actively involved in efforts to ensure curriculum and technology are current and appropriate for student needs?