Student Prevention Curriculum

PROTECT prevention education provides opportunities to equip students with knowledge that will enhance their personal boundaries, build resilience, and increase protective skills. Curriculum guides, slide decks, and classroom handouts are available online for educators to download and implement after completion of the facilitator training.

Middle School: Protecting a Masterpiece

Access the Middle School Curriculum

This curriculum (adaptable for grades 7-8) addresses key health-related concepts, encourages creative expression, and allows students to practice positive decision-making strategies. They will learn about the different forms of abuse and human trafficking, as well as how to look out for one another

High School 1: Understand and Recognize Human Trafficking

Access the High School 1 Curriculum

This curriculum (adaptable for grades 9-10) teaches students about healthy relationships, unhealthy relationships, and the different forms of human trafficking. They will be empowered with the tools they need to recognize unsafe situations and implement healthy decision-making strategies.

High School 2: Building Resilience and Protective Factors

Access the High School 2 Curriculum

This curriculum (adaptable for grades 11-12) encourages students to build their resilience through strategies that will help them thrive in the workplace and beyond. They will learn about the forms of human trafficking, the importance of their rights, as well as how to advocate for themselves and others.

Additional Resources for District implementers of Student Prevention Education

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