Purchasing - RFPs/Bids

Our office is responsible for the purchasing of goods and services in keeping with the laws of the State of Michigan and the purchasing policies of Kent ISD.  Our goal is to spend funds in the best way possible in support of improving the educational experience at Kent ISD.

Kent ISD uses Sigma VSS for any purchases above the current bid threshold of $25,288 as established by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE). Sections 623a, 1267, and 1274 of the Revised School Code establish a base above which competitive bids must be obtained and provide for an increase in the base that corresponds with increases in the Consumer Price Index.

Visit Sigma VSS for more information on any open Request For Proposals (RFPs). 

Current RFPs

2022 KCTC Health Careers - Anatomage Table - RFP

Closed RFPs

2022 Folder-Creaser Machine - Board Approval

2022 Turbine Fuel System - Board Approval

2022 Mech LSR Machine - Board Approval

2022 Health Careers Life Pack 15 - Board Approval

2022 HVAC Plasma Table - Board Approval

2022 Kent ISD Fiber Optic Maint & Emergency Repair - Board Approval

2022 KCTC & Maint Roof Replacment - Board Approval

2022 Kent ISD Parking Lot 2 Improvements - Board Approval

2022 Kent ISD Parking Lot 9 Improvements - Board Approval





Purchasing Resources

At Kent ISD, we continue to gather resources so that the area districts we serve will have the most current and accurate information to assist them in their purchasing tasks.


  Did you Know?

  • On a daily basis, our Custodial Team cleans nearly 300,000 SF of a total 447,065 SF at our Beltline Campus.
  • The Maintenance Team is responsible for maintenance and repairs for 564,552 SF of building space.
  • The Facilities Department manages 11 buildings.
  • Our Buildings can be found in four different zip codes.
  • One of our buildings contains a swimming pool.
  • Our Data Center supports nearly 15 School Districts here in Kent County.