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STEM - Engineering, Mechanics and Industrial Technology


Research, design, develop, or test automation, intelligent systems, smart devices, or industrial systems control.

Career Readiness - Using Skills in Career Choice 7-12 Students will identify the skills used in a career of the student’s choice with the aim of helping to develop the skills and knowledge that are valued by employers. This project is a guide to identifying how skills are used in a specific career field and their connections to academic content.
Employability Skills - Adaptability and Flexibility 7-12

In this lesson, students will explore reasons why people struggle to be adaptable/flexible, discover the value of being so in any situation and learn how to develop this skill for themselves as well as communicate evidence of it.

Employability Skills - What it Means to be Professional 7-12 In this lesson, students will dissect key traits of a true professional and decide which they will lean on most as they seek to become professionals themselves.
Finding a Career That Fits - Part 1 7-12 Students will complete a self-assessment to narrow down their options into 3 career clusters. This will help them increase their level of career maturity, resulting in being more self-aware and motivated to continue career exploration.
Finding a Career That Fits - Part 2: Narrowing Down Choices 7-12 Students will evaluate occupations against their own personal profiles, while also evaluating the job outlook, needed skills/education, daily tasks, technical skills, and salary
Finding a Career That Fits - Part 3: Occupation Research 7-12 During this activity students will take a deeper dive into occupational titles, dispel myths about careers, and discern factors of compatibility based on Department of Labor information.
Career Awareness: What I Want to Be K-6 To expose students to various jobs and careers within the six Michigan Career Zones.
Career Awareness: Careers That Serve the Community K-1 Students will explain the importance of community workers, and identify the jobs of people within the community.
Career Awareness: Developing Awareness of Career Clusters K-6 Define a career cluster as a grouping of occupations with common skills and knowledge. Students will identify sample occupations aligned with the Health Science career cluster.
Developing a Talent Portfolio 7-12 The  student  will  identify the  job-related  skills  she/he  has  developed  through  life experiences  and  begin  to  gather  evidence  to  support  the  development  of  those  skills  for her/his  talent  portfolio.


Printable Resources

Link Grades Description
Guide - O*Net All How to navigate and set up O*Net

Word Doc - Employability Skills - Professionalism Tips - Student Handout

PDF - Employability Skills - Professionalism Tips - Student Handout

7-12 General tips for students to keep in mind regarding professionalism
Health & Science - Athletic Trainer K-12 Evaluate and advise individuals to assist recovery from or avoid athletic-related injuries or illnesses, or maintain peak physical fitness. May provide first aid or emergency care.
Natural Resources and Agriculture - Foresters K-12 Manage public and private forested lands for economic, recreational, and conservation purposes.
Human Services - Health Care Social Workers K-12 Provide individuals, families, and groups with the psychosocial support needed to cope with chronic, acute, or terminal illnesses.
Business Management and Marketing - Technology, Human Resources Manager K-12 Plan, direct, or coordinate human resources activities and staff of an organization.
Engineering - Manufacturing and Industrial Technology, Mechatronics Engineer K-12 Research, design, develop, or test automation, intelligent systems, smart devices, or industrial systems control.
Career Awareness: At-Home Activities K-6 Links to download and print at-home activities for career exploration
Career Exploration: What I Want to Be 4-6 Questions students can answer to help guide their career choices.


Online Resources

Link Grades Description
Tinker Cad 3-12 A free and secure website with design software and lessons
PBS Learning Media K-12 Free PBS Learning Media – Engineering, Career related, Self-paced lessons, Videos, Projects
Teach Engineering K-12 Teach Engineering! Free teacher resource site with student lessons, STEM lessons and videos.
Code.org K-12 Software coding lessons
Growing Leaders K-12 Resources to share with students to help them on their career readiness journey to becoming productive, well-adjusted employees and future leaders.
Nepris 7-12 This subscription-based tool has made their Live Virtual Industry Chats and their Video Library of more than 9,000 recorded sessions TEMPORARILY FREE through May.
Amyz.org 7-12 Montcalm Community College has assembled a website with 3 free personality tests to help connect your interests to career options.