Observances & Recognition

2022-2023 School Year

The following dates and occasions are observed in a variety of ways as we strive to recognize and welcome staff, students, partners and community members.

Occasions included:

  • Have a direct tie to schools and/or children or
  • Are in appreciation of school staff or
  • Promote cultural competency or
  • Are Federal holidays or
  • Are religious observances that may be important to staff or students, especially those that impact the school day - ie. students or staff may be absent, may be fasting, need time to pray, may wear special attire or symbols


The occasions included on this list seek to honor, recognize and reflect staff, students and members of our community. This list is also to help educate and create awareness about observances, celebrations and occasions, including those that may impact staff and student attendance at school and which may be classified as excused absences per policy 5301A.

This list does not suggest or require observance, imply support or dictate activities and celebrations of recognition within the programs, teams, departments or buildings of Kent ISD or its affiliates. Recognition of dates may vary within teams and buildings when an occasion holds significance to a team. 

The dates and occasions listed are gathered from multiple sources including: