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COVID-19 and Mental Wellness
The Covid-19 pandemic has created an ongoing struggle and concern for staff, students, and families. The overwhelming fear and anxiety that comes with this new disease needs be addressed. Covid-19 has taken a toll on the mental health of both children and adults. Those who have a family history of addiction, anxiety, and depression, or … Continue reading COVID-19 and Mental Wellness
Ellin Oliver Keene Returns Virtually to Ignite Engagement
Did you miss Ellin Oliver Keene’s presentation last fall? Well, now is your chance to learn how to ignite engagement in your classroom. Ellin Oliver Keene, the author of Engaging Children: Igniting a Drive for Deeper Learning, will be presenting a virtual course this October to support both face to face classrooms and remote learning! Participants … Continue reading Ellin Oliver Keene Returns Virtually to Ignite Engagement

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Professional Learning Updates

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Literacy Leaders and Coaches Network (LLCN)

Literacy Leaders and Coaches Network is a premier educational community in West Michigan providing ongoing professional learning to connect leaders, enhance practice, and improve literacy.

Michigan Mathematics Educators (#MichME)

#MichME is a collaborative networking group where administrators, math coaches, math specialists, and math teachers work together to learn and implement effective teaching and learning of mathematics.

The New TeacherCommunity

This three-year program is a region-wide professional learning community designed to build the skills of new teachers in an engaging, supportive environment.