Physical Therapy Services

Licensed physical therapists in Kent ISD's special education department help students with special needs achieve the goals of their IEP (Individualized Education Program). They help plan the IEPs and work with students to improve motor skills and mobility. They also teach students to use therapy equipment correctly and to the best advantage.

A screening and evaluation process determine if physical therapy is included in a student's IEP. Services are provided free for students who qualify in any public, charter or parochial school within Kent ISD. All of Kent ISD's physical therapists are licensed by the state of Michigan. They require a yearly prescription signed by a doctor to work with a student.

Contact your district's special education department if you know a student whose education would benefit from physical therapy services.

PT Student Volunteer

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Physical Therapists

 Hannah Alvarez  X. 4892
 Stephanie Anderson  X. 4890
 Amy Bannink-Burmeister        X. 4891
 Jaimie Coulombe  X. 4974
 Michelle Gallery  X. 4893
 Todd Sanders  X. 4894
 Janice Scharich  X. 4895
 Marta Stern  X. 4896
 Mike Vanden Berg  X. 4897
 Alissa Wallace  X. 4898
 Alyce Weiler  X. 4899
Administrative Assistants
 Carie Drake  616.365.2299










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Michelle with student