It is our belief that a vision of effective practice, vertical structure, and leadership must be in place to provide all students the opportunity to have a successful mathematics career. We can help guide, assist and provide support in a variety of ways.


We have an entire library of resources and lessons available for any educator who'd like them. Please email to let us know what you're looking for! 


Michigan Mathematics Educators (#MichME) is a collaborative networking group where administrators, math coaches, math specialists, and math teachers work together to learn and implement effective teaching and learning of mathematics.

Register now for #MichME in the 2019-2020 school year, where we'll utilize the Taking Action Series from NCTM to focus our learning and implementation. This network is best utilized by district teams. While this is a group that will focus on what works in teaching and learning mathematics K-12, it will also offer an amazing networking and personal reflection opportunity for all involved.

Rusty Anderson

Educational Consultant (Math)
Phone: 365-2272
Extension: 2272

Marcus Deja

Mathematics Specialist
Phone: 365-2278
Extension: 2278