Post-HS Visits

Are you in the process of exploring post-secondary programs that align with your career path? Perhaps post-secondary site visits can help. Visiting a variety of post-secondary programs allows students to gain an up close and personal glimpse into what type of environments are best suited for their personality and what program aligns with their career goals. Selecting the right post-secondary program starts with knowing what career path students want to take and deciding what post-secondary program aligns with the career choice identified. Many students will find there are several programs available, but the first step starts with a visit. 

Students have a plethora of opportunities to explore. From colleges/universities to the military and everything in between, students can make a sound decision on what programs or institutions are a best fit by exploring the various options offered.

Students may feel an enormous amount of pressure to decide what college or university they should attend. In order for students to select an institution that is the best fit, college visits are ideal. College visits are valuable because they allow students to gain a perspective on what kind of learning environment they believe is the best fit personally and what aligns with their career goals.  It’s also an opportunity for students to gain an authentic and personalized experience that will aid in the decision making process. During college/university visits, students can tour  many campuses to get a taste of the environment. While participating in visits, students will be introduced to academic opportunities, campus life, admission standards, and the application process. Visiting a variety of campuses is highly suggested. Visiting a Historical Black College or University (HBCU) as well as Predominantly White Institutions (PWI) can help students understand the structural differences and what resources might matter most to them.

Similar to college/university visits, career tech programs offer students an opportunity to tour training institutions that are specifically targeted to specialized areas within an identified career cluster. Students can explore programs based on occupational interests and career goals. Career tech programs provide on site, up-to-date, hands-on job training for students who have identified careers of interests. Students can obtain an accredited, state recognized credential needed for the workforce. Career tech programs for Kent County are listed below.

Have you considered the military to visit as a post-secondary option? The military offers endless career possibilities, as well as training for an identified career. Students can find at any given time a military recruiter within schools providing students with information about military branches students can explore, education options provided, the benefits of enlisting, career options students can select from, and the list goes on. If a military recruiter is not visible within a school, a high school counselor can be the liaison between a military recruiter and a student. It will be during those scheduled meetings students can schedule a visit with a military recruiter to ask pertinent questions about all the military.

We are living in a “digital”, “high tech age”, and virtual tours are a great way to visit post-secondary programs from the comforts of your home. While using smartphones, desktops, or virtual headsets, virtual tours offer an alternative to traditional visits and it removes barriers that may impede a student from participating with in-person visits. Virtual tours enable students to be transported to any college campus even if it is thousands of miles away.

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