IPM Policy for Kent ISD

Integrated Pest Management

The laws regarding pest control in schools are getting more strict with each passing year. With that in mind Kent ISD strives to reduce the amount of chemicals used in buildings by implementing safe alternative methods. This is where we will share with you the steps we take to control rodents and insects on both Kent ISD campuses.

Common pests we deal with are ants, carpenter ants, flying ants, termites, bees, wasps, flies, gnats, and mice. With your help we can control these critters in an environmentally safe way without risking the health of students or staff. Please take time to review the Do's and Don'ts of Pest Control to help us keep a safe environment for students and staff.

Feel free to explore Act 451, Part 83 for more information as well as visiting the Envirosafe web site (our current IPM consultant). Both have a wealth of information on safe pest control including links to other sites. 

Pest Control Do's

  • Do keep a clean work space and lab. If you don't feed them, they won't come. If you have food in your area keep it in a sealed plastic container (e.g. Rubbermaid or Tupperware).
  • Do help us track pest activity by entering a work order in our School Dude System when you have them in your area(s).

  • Do keep food products covered and sealed as much as possible in kitchens and bakeries. Use your plastic containers, etc.
  • Do keep outside doors and windows closed as much as possible. Inform us of damaged door sweeps and screens so we can deter critters and bugs.

Pest Control Don'ts

  • Don't eat food in your office or lab. If you feed them, they will come!
  • Don't use ANY chemicals or substances to control pests. The law provides strict requirements on what we can use and how we can use it. Instead of using chemicals or substances, please enter a work order with School Dude so we can track critter activity and respond to you efficiently.

  • Don't leave food products uncovered or unsealed in food storage areas. Paper containers and Ziplock bags will not keep critters and bugs away.

Things We Do to Control Pests

We have several ways we control pests in a safer way at Kent ISD. All of them involve surprisingly simple alternatives to harsh chemicals.

  • For insects, we use an enzyme soap called "Super C Pro". It is so safe you can drink it (though we don't suggest that). It works by dissolving the insects outer shell which it breathes through, essentially suffocating it. Bugs don't like enzymes. For bees and wasps, we add a little peppermint soap to knock them down a bit quicker. This is a great product for home cleaning and pest control. Visit the Envirosafe web site to learn how to buy a jug, it's better than Granny's tonic!

  • For ants we use a vacuum cleaner and Borax soap! The ants like the Borax so much they take it down to their homes and store it. This doesn't agree with ant digestion and effectively wipes out the colony.
  • For rodent control, we strive to keep outside doors closed and sweeps and screens in good repair. Where there is evidence of rodents, we use traps and try to locate and eliminate their food source.