Career Fairs

Career fairs are events designed to give students an opportunity to explore several different industries as well as network with professionals who already work in a desired career field. Career fairs serve as an excellent opportunity for students to gain information about industries from the professionals. Students can interact one-on-one with professionals to ask questions about the company, open positions, internships, and learn about the benefits of working within the company. Students can benefit from career fairs because it allows students to check out career opportunities, interact with the professionals, practice interviewing skills, develop professional relationships with professionals for a totality of reflective experiences, and companies can maximize on career fairs because they are cost efficient, and they afford employers a chance to meet and recruit future talent.



A career exploration fair allows students to connect with industry professionals and examine possible careers across multiple career clusters. Students get an opportunity to learn about industries and professionals from various careers. It provides an avenue for students to get career advice, explore career choices, and learn about job opportunities within the local business profession. 

Similar to a career fair, college fairs are events where students can gather a plethora of information from a number of post-secondary colleges.  College fairs afford students a chance to learn as much as possible about all types of colleges/universities so that students can make informed decisions when applying to schools that best fit their desired careers. College/University fairs provide pertinent information about their institution and students can learn alot about the institution's culture, the application process, admissions requirements, programs, and financial resources offered by the institutions. It is also a great way for students to save money on college visits, narrow down their college selection, as well as an opportunity for students to talk with college admissions, or alumni.

Online career fairs provide opportunities for students to explore careers within a virtual environment. Virtual career fairs provide an avenue where students meet with employers using webinars, teleconferencing, chat rooms, or emails. It also provides students a chance to meet with companies and professionals all over the country or world. Virtual career fairs are great for future talent because they are inexpensive, convenient and accessible. For students who live in locations where transportation is a barrier, virtual fairs allow them to participate without the hassle of commuting to a location. Virtual career fairs remove the geographical obstacle for students so that students can focus on what's important - landing the job!

Community and school fairs are great ways for students to engage with employers and postsecondary programs within a centralized location. Typically held at high schools, community colleges, conference centers, or community agencies, community/school career fairs are a great resource for students to use to network, explore, and engage with employers.

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