Health Education

Kent ISD coordinates Comprehensive School Health Education services for Kent, Ionia and Montcalm Counties.  

Comprehensive School Health Education

Comprehensive School Health Education is part of the school curriculum for students K-12. Designed to address key components of health and prevention, the materials and lesson plans were guided by the Centers for Disease Control and aligned with national and state standards.  The curriculum is part of the Michigan recommended school curriculum for students K-12. Designed to address six key components of health and prevention the materials and lesson plans were guided by the Centers for Disease Control and aligned with national and state standards. ALL NEW Michigan Model for Health teacher manuals and support materials can be provided for participating schools. 

Bully Prevention

Bully Prevention is a state mandate requiring schools to provide instruction in identifying what characteristics define a bully, how to avoid bullying situations, and proactive management when a bullying situation occurs. The law provides a framework for educators to identify curriculum that meets the needs of the individual districts. The Michigan Model for Health offers many lessons that provide content required by this mandate.

Wellness Policies

Wellness Policies have been established through USDA and are closely linked with School Food Service. The HSAT (Healthy School Assessment Tool) is a tool kit designed to provide a series of tools that allows the school building to gather data and identify strongest needs to improve the health of students in the building.

Human Sexuality is identified by the Centers for Disease Control as one of six health risk areas for our students. Both federal and state laws have been designed that provide guidance on what may be taught and how, processes for the establishment of a district-wide health advisory committee, rules for gaining district wide approval to teach the lessons selected by the Health Advisory Committee of the district, and rights of parents in determining if their child will participate in the selected lesson.

Kent ISD provides HIV/AIDS and Human Sexuality certification for teachers grades 4-12, and special education teachers. This certification is a mandate from the State of Michigan for any teacher who will be providing HIV/AIDs education.

Contact Dr. Cheryl Blair for more information.

SNAP is a project funded through USDA, targeting schools of 50% or greater eligibility for Free and Reduced School Food Programs, it provides teacher training and grade level support materials to teach the Michigan Model for Health and lessons from a nutrition educator for the students to increase fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity.

Contact Amber Hubbell, MPH, for more information.


Amber Hubbell

Health Education Consultant
Phone: 364-1333
Extension: 2296