Ignite Engagement

Do you want to know how to increase student engagement in your classroom?

In our Ignite Engagement program, we believe that the best way to move our students from being compliant in our classrooms to truly being motivated to learn and fully engaged in the learning process is through creating a culture of belonging and implementing authentic, research-based engagement strategies.

Our mission is to bring together a cohort of educator partnerships, in conjunction with a Kent ISD Early Literacy Coach, to increase student motivation and engagement in classrooms. We will work together as a group to build a strong foundation for high levels of authentic engagement in teaching and learning.

Join Ignite Engagement to...REDEFINE ENGAGEMENT

with evidence-based strategies to support bringing the Literacy Essentials to life from Ellin Oliver Keene and Dr. Gholdy Muhammad, and other researcher/educators in the field.


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Ignite Engagement defines engagement as a transformative process that goes far beyond compliance, participation, and motivation.

Research shows that student engagement directly impacts student achievement, as students are better able to retain and reapply their learning when they are engaged at high levels.

Ignite Engagement Classrooms

  • Boost Student Engagement
  • Create a Sense of Community and Belonging
  • Create a Culturally Responsive Classroom
  • Improve Student Achievement

Ignite Engagement teachers feel connected, empowered, and excited!

"Ignite Engagement is professional learning that is worthwhile. We have the opportunity to reflect on our own practice and apply learning in our classrooms. Ignite is making me a better teacher and a better human being." 

~Ignite Engagement Cohort Teacher

The results are in and Ignite Engagement is improving student learning!

Professional Learning that changes practice...intensive learning, implementation support, student agency, teacher empowerment, intentional integration, action oriented resources, data focused, continuously evolving ignite engagement
Student Achievement Data Chart shows % of Projected Growth Met by Classroom. Findings: The average student surpassed projected growth in 5 out of 6 classrooms. Email amandawalma@kentisd.org for a copy of the image.
Ignite Engagement District Participation: Kentwood Public Schools, East Grand Rapids Public Schools, Kenowa Hills Public Schools, National Heritage Academies, Montcalm Area Intermediate School District, Kent City Public Schools, Cedar Springs Public Schools, Northview Public Schools, Belding Black Knights, Godwin Pubic Schools, Lowell Area Schools, Sparta Area Schools, Hope Academy of West Michigan, Rockford Public Schools. The above districts have participated in at least one year of the Ignite Engagement program.

Two girls engaging in reading.

MDE's Promising Practice: Improving Literacy Achievement with Ignite Engagement

The program Ignite Engagement was developed in response to the identified need for students to be more authentically engaged while learning. It is now completing its fourth year of support, impacting over 2,400 students in Kent County since 2019. Continue Reading...

The Story of Two Best Friends: Student Engagement and School Belonging

“Student engagement” is a commonly used term and a goal shared across all education levels. With so many variables involved, it can be challenging to prioritize the most important factors of what cultivates students to be engaged as often as possible in our classrooms. Continue Reading...

Photo of children reading

Results Show Student Engagement Increase

How do we get our students to be truly and authentically engaged in classroom activities and learning? How can we know when they are engaged, and how do we sustain high levels of engagement once students have reached them? These are the questions that a small group of educators set out to answer this school year. Continue Reading...