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We feel that one of the strongest links to impacting a learner is through their teacher. To that end, we want to help your impact by helping you. In addition to providing lesson plans, exploration opportunities and other resources for your students, we want to provide opportunities specifically for your own Professional Development around Career Readiness. Take a look at the opportunities below; we have several offerings with you in mind. Interested in being trained on something we're not currently offering? Let us know´╗┐.


Have you ever had a student ask, "When are we ever going to use this in the real world?" If you aren't able to easily answer the question, then this is the PD for you. Come explore various businesses and industries and see just what those outside of education actually do for a living, so you can tie these careers back to your content and increase relevance. We'll make a day of it AND provide lunch! We'll even pay for some of your sub costs. Why? Because teachers need field trips too!

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This two-day, interactive experience will give classroom teachers the opportunity to explore how area businesses use your content areas in industry. Draw connections between what you've seen and how you can teach your standards. Develop relevant, real world lessons you can use with your students to help them achieve success. Use group dynamics with like-minded teachers to build engaging content tied to the world of work. Come see what other districts are doing in STEM and imagine what the future can hold for your students. A portion of each event will involve a trip to a local business to observe and glean inspiration from current business practices.  


Want to attend Educators in Industry, but find it increasingly difficult to get away from the classroom for a day? Whatever the reason, we recognize the challenge it can be to attend. That's why we created Educators in Industry: Staff Edition. We'll work with administration to create an event during a staff PD day, whether that be a full or early-release day. Create a shared experience with fellow staff members to that you can build around. Give yourself the opportunity to see what's happening in industry outside your building's walls. These events will be scheduled based on demand and with administrative support, so show us your interest by sending us an email´╗┐.


Our PD offerings help educators connect what they teach in the classroom to current practices in business and industry. PLUS, they demonstrate the real-world relevancy of their lessons. We offer a variety of formats, including webinars viewable from anywhere. Themes include: The STEM Thinking Series, Soft Skill Development, Using Design Thinking in Instruction, Presentation Skills, Resume Building, STEM in the Classroom and more. Some sessions are scheduled, others are offered based on demand. Check out the PD Hub and search by Career Readiness to find current offerings. Don't see what you want scheduled? Send us a request.


Consider this: Every banker, every machinist, every healthcare professional was at one time a student. Who better to hear about what's expected of employees, what's changed in the workplace and what classroom learning is most applicable to their career than from them? The Career Readiness team can put together round table and panel discussions with one or more local employers, so you can hear it directly from the source. These events will be scheduled based on demand, so show us your interest by sending us an email. Let us know your preferred format and we'll make it happen!

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