Office of Truancy & School Attendance

Young students encouraging others to Strive for Less Than 5 days absent 

We provide regional truancy/school attendance services, helping connect families to the resources they need so they can promote their children's achievement and success in school by regular participation in their educational programs.

Every day in school is an opportunity for learning, and every minute counts. That's why we encourage families and students to Strive for Less Than 5 day absent each school year. 

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Attendance Referral Form 

Expulsion Notification Form  

Any questions or concerns should be directed to or call 616-365-2298.

SuccessLink Offers At-Risk Students a Second Chance

SuccessLink is online education, but better.  Local and community-based (right here at Kent ISD), SuccessLink features real teachers, with proven curriculum that meets Michigan standards.

The new way of completing high school features several interesting, new ways of learning.  This includes online projects, coursework, and discussion boards, plus a laptop with wireless card.  Students experience just-in-time learning, tutoring, and the support they need to overcome barriers to learning.


MySchool@Kent is a real, local school with genuine credits and a local diploma. The school is student centered and teacher driven, and features online instruction with extensive support. It's flexible, rigorous and personalized, so you can learn at your own pace. But you're not all alone. You'll have lots of support and help when you need it.

This hybrid school offers sound education with extensive student support and loads of options. With the flexibility in your schedule, you can pursue your interests, volunteer, explore careers, start college. You can even connect through MySchool@Kent back to the local high school for music, art, electives, after-school activities or sports.