Staff Training

The HTYPE Demonstration Program seeks to provide comprehensive training for all school staff in participating districts through implementation of Journey to PROTECT: HT 101, HT 102, HT 103.

Participating school districts identify appropriate staff to become District Trainers of Staff Education to lead implementation throughout their buildings with the support of the Kent ISD HTYPE Team.


HT 101: Recognize

Participants will:

  • Understand the federal definition of severe forms of trafficking in persons and associated key terms;
  • Identify possible indicators of sex and labor trafficking; and
  • Recognize strategies commonly used by traffickers to groom and recruit children/youth.

HT 102: Respond

Participants will:

  • Describe risk and protective factors for children/youth;
  • Recognize indicators of complex trauma; and
  • Develop trauma-informed skills to help support those that have been trafficked or are at-risk.

HT 103: Report

Participants will:

  • Identify indicators of human trafficking;
  • Respond to disclosures from children/youth in a culturally responsive, linguistically appropriate, and trauma-informed manner;
  • Understand the reporting requirements for child trafficking and their role in the process; and
  • Recognize how prevention education can change everything.

 Ascyhronous Online

  • Self-paced content, with application opportunities throughout the course.
  • 2.5-3 hours.

Online Training Instructions

  • Go to the Online Training Invite Link
  • Create an account using your full name, work email, and a password of your choice
  • Save your credentials and bookmark this webpage: to access the materials in the future
  • The training will be available on the "Modules" page

 Live/In-Person Training

  • Instructor-led content, discussion, and activities.
  • 3 hours (can be divided into 3-1 hour training sessions)

Live Training Resources

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