Educational Development Plan (EDP)

An educational development plan (EDP) is a formalized plan and a process that involves student planning, monitoring, and managing their own learning and career development during grades 7-12.  The purpose of the EDP is for students to create a plan for pursuing their personal and career interests and post-secondary goals connected to activities that will help them achieve their goals and successfully transition to next steps.  

The development of the EDP occurs in grade 7 under the supervision of the student’s school counselor (or qualified designee).  The student’s EDP is to be reviewed and revised (as appropriate) in grade 8, before she or he begins high school.  The school district is responsible for ensuring that students review and revise their EDPs (as appropriate) during each year of high school, as well.  Talent Portfolios are initiated in grade 7, as well, and will be revised annually through the student’s EDP process.  


EDP Resources:

In Michigan, state law requires that every student be provided the opportunity to develop his/her EDP beginning in grade 7.  During grade 8, every student should be provided the opportunity to review and revise their EDP prior to entering high school.  Finally, from grades 9-12, every student in Michigan should be provided the opportunity to review and revise their EDP every year of high school “as appropriate.”  

The purpose of an Educational Development Plan is for each student to develop, document, and periodically update a unique plan of career and educational preparation, based on thoughtfully selected and attainable career goals and educational options.  The main point of an EDP is for the student to identify his or her career goals and a plan of action for reaching them.  An EDP needs to be more than just a “check-list item” for schools to cross off their lists.  To be effective, an EDP needs to be incorporated into a larger career development plan for students.  

Michigan’s Public Act 231 of 2018 requires that any students in grade 7 will be required to develop a talent portfolio as part of their EDP process.  As with the EDP itself, students should also have the opportunity to review and revise their talent portfolio from grades 8-12, as appropriate.  A talent portfolio includes, but is not limited to, a record of the pupil’s experiences, proficiencies, certifications, or accomplishments that demonstrate talents or marketable skills. 

The Michigan Career Development Model (MI CDM) is designed to provide all students (K-12) in Michigan with the necessary knowledge and skills for success in a career of their choice and lifelong learning.  As part of Target 7 in grade bands 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12, the MI CDM outlines components that should be included in both an EDP and a talent portfolio.

Career Cruising is one of the most commonly used software platforms by school districts in Kent County for building EDPs and talent portfolios.  Springboard, which is owned by the same company, is a free, striped-down version of Career Cruising, is also a popular platform in Kent County.  Xello is the newest iteration from the same company and provides some updated and advanced features compared to Career Cruising.  Listed below are some resources that apply to Career Cruising.  

Xello is the latest EDP software platform brought to you by the same company that produced Career Cruising.  Xello “helps K-12 students of all backgrounds, abilities, and aspirations become future ready” and is quickly gaining popularity in Kent County school districts.  Listed below are some resources that apply to Xello.

Naviance is another popular EDP software platform utilized by school districts in Kent County.  Naviance describes itself as “an online college, career and life readiness (CCLR) platform that helps middle and high school students discover their strengths, explore college and career interests, create actionable goals and find their best-fit path after high school. Listed below are some resources that apply to Naviance.

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