CBA Courses

Throughout the year, and at locations across the state, MASB offers a variety of CBA courses designed to improve your skills as a school board member. With more than 50 different courses on topics from school law and policy to community relations, strategic planning and evaluating the superintendent, there's something for board members of every experience level.

Benefits of Participation

  1. Active participation in MASB gives you the tools to shape public education in your community and a voice in Michigan legislation.

  2. By participating in MASB training, you develop the skills needed to oversee the education of students in your district.

  3. Your involvement in MASB gives you the confidence to make the best decisions for everyone — the board, the district and especially the kids!

  4. When you participate in MASB events you build a network of resources to overcome challenges and celebrate successes.

  5. The knowledge you gain from participating in MASB shows your entire school district community that you are accountable.

  6. MASB training keeps you informed of current issues facing boards so you can efficiently deal with legal matters, tight budgets and policy decisions.

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