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What is Career Readiness?

Kent ISD is committed to supporting schools, families, and communities in their efforts to prepare students for success in both career and college. The Career Readiness Department is driven by two central questions:

  1. How can we help students explore their interests and talents, and how those fit into the world of work?
  2. How can schools, families, and communities support students on their journey toward career success?

We provide a variety of services and resources to help educators develop students' career maturity, while enhancing their academic experiences in grades K-12. â€‹Additionally, we find local employers to work along-side and partner with in this endeavor.

Contact Our Team

Cary Stamas
Director of Career Readiness
Tiffany Duncil
Career Exploration Coordinator
Krista Harmon
Career Readiness Consultant
Eric Kelliher
Career Readiness Consultant
Dollineller Michelle Large
Career Readiness Consultant
Richard Mushing
STEM Consultant
Leah Theriault
Event Coordinator
Sue Gardner
CTE Curriculum & Compliance Consultant
Amanda Kettel
CTE Curriculum Assistant
Holly Anderson
CTE Compliance Coordinator
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