Educator Resources

We welcome REMC member educators to our Educator Resource Center. 

Our hours are from 7:30AM to 3:45PM Monday through Friday.  

Ellison Die Cuts - You can make great displays or materials for your learners with our huge collection of Ellison Dies.  Check out the entire catalog of dies you can use. Please call 616-365-2232 to schedule an appointment.*

Creative Corner - This new space features hundreds of very low-cost materials that you and your students can use to create, prototype, build and share!  

Variquest Paper Cutter - In addition to dies cuts, you can utilize the flexibility of our Variquest Paper Cutter.  We can make variable sized cut outs and lettering on all kinds of materials.  See the catalog of items here .

Variquest Award Maker - Want to recognize your staff or students with a special award?  We can make some fantastic products with our Variquest Award Maker.  See the types of things we can make here .

Multi-Color Posters and Banners - We can make those too - Here's the order form!

Lamination Service - Need to keep that nice poster from year to year?  Get it laminated! Here's the order form,

 * Please note: Because of safety concerns, no children under 15 are allowed to be in the Ellison Die Cutting room.