Safety & Security

At Kent ISD, the safety and security of our students and staff is among our top priorities. It is our responsibility to protect the well-being of every person in our facilities, and we know that students learn best when they feel safe.

Maintaining security at our many student programs requires that staff and students have the knowledge and resources to respond to emergency situations. Additionally, measures such as Ident-A-Kid ID scanning software help us monitor and preempt potential security issues. Here, we have outlined just some of the measures we have in place to address everyday safety concerns and emergency event response.

Student Buildings

  • Dedicated School Security Officers (SSOs)
    • In 2021 we doubled the number of SSOs at Kent ISD to better respond to events at our many locations
  • Implementation of Ident-A-Kid kiosks at all Kent ISD operated schools
    • Ident-A-Kid software is used to scan the state-issued ID of all visitors, documenting who is on campus, when they leave, and identifying persons on the national sex offenders registry
    • A State issued ID is required for visitor entry in all student buildings except under special circumstances. For instructions on obtaining a state ID, follow this link: How to Get an Official MI State ID
  • Evacuation & Reunification Plans
    • In the event of an emergency at one of our student buildings, evacuation of students and reunification with their parent/guardian may be required.  As part of our Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), we have developed detailed evacuation and reunification plans for all of ours school campuses. Please note that during an emergency evacuation event specific reunification information will come from your student's school/program

Administrative Building (ESC)

  • Front Entrance Security
    • A Security Officer is on duty in the building, greeting visitors at the main entrance - Visitors are required to sign in at the front desk to help us monitor who is in the building
    • A re-configuration of the reception area is planned to further enhance building safety

Trainings and Partnerships

  • Regular Training and Security Protocol Updates
    • Trainings include tabletop and drill exercises in active shooter response, classroom defense, campus evacuation and other scenario based exercises
    • We also collaborate with our local districts to provide security training and PD opportunities
  • Partnerships with Law Enforcement
    • We work closely with local law enforcement to establish security protocols and emergency response tactics
    • Our security staff meets with local law enforcement leaders monthly, including local police chiefs and Sheriff, Michigan State Police Command Officers and federal agency heads

Please Note: the security measures described on this page pertain specifically to student programs directly operated by Kent ISD, such as Kent Career Tech Center, Kent Transition Center, MySchool@Kent, Kent Innovation High, our Adult Education programs, and our Special Education Center Programs.

While Kent ISD may provide PDs, training, and security consultation to our member districts and schools, these entities maintain their own security protocols. Please consult your/your student's home district or school for their specific security information.