Learning To Go

As a model for service and leadership, we have invited and hold experts from educational areas to share with you their knowledge and expertise in order to provide "best practice into daily practice." The "Learning To Go"   Program offers professional development programs for schools through practical strategies seminars and customized programs that can be delivered on-site at your school. We are excited to provide you information about our work in supporting all staff through professional learning opportunities.

Focused on essential topics that support efforts to increase efficiencies in operational areas and to help all students learn, "Learning To Go"   programs provides customization for districts that can be offered during the school day, after school, throughout the summer or on weekends. We serve our districts by providing outreach to our local districts that include: Meeting the diverse needs of learners, providing immediately useful strategies and materials to meet district's needs, and easy-to-implement techniques. 

If you would like to request a Learning to Go session at your school, please fill out the Request For Kent ISD Consultant Service form, and we'll be in touch. 

What you need to know:

  • These sessions are limited in availability to Kent ISD districts.
  • Sessions are available based on consultant's schedule.
  • If a cost is associated with the offering, the cost includes all handouts and materials.
  • The local district designates a contact person who will oversee coordination of the session(s).
  • These sessions are booked for not less than 10 participants (a maximum number will be agreed upon in advance).