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Who are we? What can we do for you?


Our Mission:

Most school facilities departments have an obvious mission: To transparently maintain a safe, clean, and functional environment for students, staff and the community. However, we don't stop there ... energy management, regional collaborative services, purchasing and surplus equipment, building and grounds improvements, as well as state and federal compliance items are also under our umbrella.

Our Vision:

At Kent ISD we have a greater vision. It is reflected in our organization's slogan "We Lead Learning". As a facilities department we strive to act on that organizational ideal.

We take pride in providing leadership to other school facilities departments in Kent County and West Michigan. Our active participation in the Michigan School Business Officials (MSBO) and its local chapter The South Western Michigan Facilities and Operations Directors (SWMFOD) are examples of this. We find ourselves networking with and assisting many of the districts that serve Kent County's 140,000+ students.

That explains the reason for this site. We hope it becomes a tool that allows us to better serve all of Kent County and West Michigan.


Our Goals:

With that being said, our department has some specific goals which this site will help with:

  • Improve our Energy Efficiency and provide resources to our community.
  • Lead the way in harnessing current technologies to manage work flow and training employees how to use our systems.
  • Provide avenues for feedback and anonymous constructive criticism.
  • Be open with our staff and the public about our current projects, current bids, and energy savings efforts.
  • Assist and train the staff and alert parents about our IPM pest control program.
  • Help facilitate and simplify the Capital Outlay process.
  • Provide current SDS (Safety Data Sheets) for all concerned parties.
  • Provide current building and site maps for contractors, staff, and visitors.

     There are plenty of other goals, however; this should give you an idea of the work we do. 

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Commitment to Improve:

At Kent ISD we are all committed to improvement. In the world of facilities that includes looking ahead at how we can use new technology to avoid past problems. No matter what the reason we are continuously improving. Below is our most recent Continuous Improvement Report. Please take a look at what we do and how we plan to improve.

Continuous Improvement Report

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