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Commitment to Improve:

At Kent ISD, we are all committed to improvement. In the world of facilities that includes looking ahead at how we can use new technology to avoid past problems. No matter what the reason we are continuously improving. Below is our most recent Continuous Improvement Report. Please take a look at what we do and how we plan to improve.

Continuous Improvement Report

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Tim Peraino

Director of Facilities and Purchasing
(616) 365-2290

Fred Hayward

Maintenance Supervisor
(616) 447-2451

Jeff Miller

Custodial Supervisor
(616) 364-8421 x 2810

AJ Gugliotta

Facilities Supervisor
(616) 364-8421 x 2555

Ryan Vander Molen

Facilities Supervisor
(616) 365-2324

Cindy Meyer

Administrative Asstistant

(616) 365-2290

Building Open Status Message
(616) 365-2234