Welcome to Kent ISD's Grants and Resources Service Area.

Housed in the Communications Department, the Kent ISD Grants Coordinator works to help local school districts and educational partners secure funding to provide innovative programming and address critical needs.

The Grants Coordinator writes grants to support large, county-wide initiatives that are aligned with the Kent Intermediate Superintendents' Association's Initiatives. The Grants Coordinator also offers technical assistance and training to local school districts and other community partners to assist them in securing funding to support innovative programming and address critical needs.

                                    Resources You Can Use

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Professional Development
Find out what classes and trainings are being offered by Kent ISD's Grants Coordinator. Check out the links to other training resources.

Grant Research
Look through this list of websites to find potential grants and funding.

Grant Writing Hacks
Visit the ever growing repository of essential tools, tips and tricks for writing successful grants.

Don't go it alone! Here is information about networking opportunities for people who want to talk to other people about grant writing and fundraising.