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Stay connected with Kent ISD's Professional Learning Department by subscribing to one or more RSS Feed.  By subscribing to a feed, you will recieve messages in your RSS reader when we add new courses or have other important information to share. Subscribers will be able to watch for specific categories of courses without visiting our website as often. Instead the information will be sent to you.

Choose Your RSS Feed Subscriptions:

Click on the Google Icon Google Reader Icon for Google Reader. If you are using another reader you can click on the title and copy the address to the reader of your choice.  


We are currently transistioning to a new registration system.  

This page will be updated later this summer. 

Thank you for your patience.  

Learn about RSS Feeds
What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
A web feed formats used to publish frequently updated webpages.

Benefits of RSS?

You receive timely web updates in one place. Example: Subscribe to the Literacy courses and you will receive a message as soon as we add a literacy course in your RSS Reader. 

What is a RSS Reader? 

The RSS reader checks your subscriptions regularly for updates.
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