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Spelling Bee Communications:

School Pronouncer Guide can be downloaded from the Teachers only area of (username and password are required)

**2022 Regional Bee Sites-Not yet available.

Spelling Bee Updates:

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Spelling Bee Rules - To Be Released

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The Greater Grand Rapids Spelling Bee 2022 includes fice counties: Allegan, Barry, Kent, Newaygo, and Ottawa. The County Coordinator supports its schools, which are participating in the Greater Grand Rapids Spelling Bee, disseminates materials provided by Kent ISD, and organizes that county’s Regional Bee(s). Some counties have special traditions for their County/Regional Bee(s). Counties with more than one Regional Spelling Bee will identify multiple schools to host Regional Bees. Contact your County Coordinator with questions specific to Spelling Bee in your area.

School Spelling Bee Coordinators organize their school spelling bee and are the school contact person for the Greater Grand Rapids Spelling Bee.

  • School Coordinator plans your school spelling bee and gets other teachers involved, but only students in grades 3-8 qualify to compete in the Regional and Greater Grand Rapids Bees.
  • The School spelling Bee Coordinator will report the name of the school bee winner and runner –up to their County Spelling Bee Coordinator.
  • Information about the Regional Spelling Bee for your School Winner and Runner-up will be sent to the School Spelling Bee Coordinator.
  • May assist school’s winner and runner-up in preparing for their Regional Spelling Bee.
  • The School Spelling Bee Coordinator or her designee assists with the Regional Spelling Bee, in which the school’s winner and runner-up compete.
  • If the school’s winner or runner-up wins the Regional Bee, school coordinator may want to assist the school’s speller to prepare for the Greater Grand Rapids Spelling Bee.

Kent and Ottawa Counties need multiple Regional Coordinators due to the number of schools that usually participate. Allegan, Barry, and Newaygo Counties usually have just one Countywide Regional Bee. Regional Coordinators are usually School Spelling Bee Coordinators, who have volunteered to host a Regional Spelling Bee at their schools. Coordinating a Regional Bee is much like a School Bee, EXCEPT usually you will only have 16-20 spellers representing 8 to 10 schools from around the county and representative of the variety of schools in your county. Each school is expected to contribute their School Spelling Bee coordinator or an alternate to help officiate the Regional Bee. As the Regional Coordinator, you are invited to participate in a training for Regional Coordinators 2 weeks before Regional Bees, will receive a list of all of the schools assigned to your site with contact information, a list of participants with contact information, and a Pronouncer’s Guide for an “intermediate” bee. All Regional Bees will be held on the same day, February 15, 2022, but the time may vary from county to county. Regional Bees for Kent ISD schools will be at 4:30 p.m. All Regional Bees receive the same wordlists and certificates for spellers competing at their site. Regional Coordinators are requested to submit online the name and essential information about the Winner at their site no later than February 18th.

Occasionally, severe weather has made it impossible for Regional Bees in one or more counties to be held. Those Bees are then rescheduled as soon as possible, usually two days later, by the Regional Coordinator in collaboration with the Greater Grand Rapids Spelling Bee Coordinator. New date, time , location, and any other necessary information will be posted on the Greater Grand Rapids  Spelling Bee webpage.

What is a School Coordinator? 

School Spelling Bee Coordinators organize their school spelling bee and are the school contact person for the Greater Grand Rapids Spelling Bee. 

Interested in becoming a School Coordinator?

Talk to your principal about registering your school with Scripps National Spelling Bee. Registration is not complete until you let your County Coordinator know that your school is registered and that you are the Spelling Bee Contact/Coordinator for your school. Kent ISD schools should also register online with Kent ISD.