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History of the Bee


The National Spelling Bee takes place in May. But the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee actually starts months before, as, every year, competition is narrowed at school, local, and regional events. 

How It Came to Bee

The National Spelling Bee was launched by the Louisville, Kentucky, Courier-Journal in 1925. With competitions, cash prizes, and a trip to the nation's capital, the Bee hoped to stimulate "general interest among pupils in a dull subject."

What's a Bee?

The word "bee" has long been used to describe a busy gathering of people who come together for a special purpose, such as quilting, spinning, logging, or raising a barn. "Spelling bee" in particular is an American term that came into use in the 1870s.

Take the Spelling Challenge

Check out the winning words that made spellers into national champions the past two decades. Then, test your spelling savvy with our spelling quiz!

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