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At Kent ISD, our departmental mission is to collaborate with our partners to develop and implement high-quality and equitable systems that support educators and students to reach their full potential. We are confident that this site will provide you with the information, support, and resources needed to collectively increase outcomes for our students with disabilities and support opportunities for our students to reach their fullest potential and exceed expectations throughout their educational journey and beyond. Enjoy!

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February 9, 2021
Assist TechKnow on the Go

AssisTechKnow On The Go continues! Thanks to Sarah Wood and Ron Houtman for the next installments in our 2020-2021 ATK video series. Even as most have returned to in-person learning, we all continue to support students virtually, meet remotely and build our digital skills:

  1.  What’s in Your Online Toolbelt - Options for student choice when demonstrating “what they know” (with Sarah Wood)
  2.  Better Video Conferencing - Tips for maximizing your audio, video and wifi connections (with Ron Houtman)

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