Decision Trees for Transition Services and Supports

The Decision Tree for Disabilities was created to help determine both in school and out of school supports for transition age students with disabilities, grade 9 through age 26.

Below are both an interactive version of the Decision Tree, as well as a printable version.

To view a Prezi, click on the word Prezi on the bottom left of each screen, which will take you to the actual presentation.  From there, you can choose to view in full screen mode if you prefer.  In addition, you have the option to view slide by slide by simply clicking the arrow at the bottom of the screen, or you may view on auto play.  All navigation tools are on the screen once you enter the Prezi.

Click here for a printable list of Community Agencies.

Decision Tree for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Decision Tree for Cognitive Impairments

Decision Tree for Emotional Impairments

Decision Tree for Hearing Impairments

Decision Tree for Learning Disabilities

Decision Tree for Other Health Impairments

Decision Tree for Physical Impairments

Decision Tree for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Decision Tree for Visual Impairments