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Kent CAN Meetings for 2018-19 School Year

December 12, 2018 Agenda Minutes

   Meeting Materials:
   START Overview
   Meeting Presentations

January 23, 2019 Agenda Minutes

   Meeting Materials:
   Classroom Tool CETA
   PBIS Presentation

March 20, 2019 Agenda Minutes

   Meeting Materials:

May 15, 2019 Agenda Minutes

   Meeting Materials:



* Please note that meeting type may vary


September 20, 2017                              Agenda Minutes

   Meeting Materials:
   MI Alliance for Families Handouts
   GET Supports for Autism Conf Flyer
   MAASE COP-AIB for SwIEP Dec 2013                

October 18, 2017                                   Agenda Minutes

   Meeting Materials:
   Schedule at a Glance                                          

December 13, 2017                               Agenda Minutes

   Meeting Materials:
   ASD in IFSP & IEP Process 2nd Edition 2017
   School Consultation                                           

January 17, 2017                                  Agenda Minutes

   Meeting Materials:
   LEAP Enrollment Form
   M.O.V.E. Camp Flyer
   MDHHS 2018 Autism Priorities
   Parent Mediated Interventions
   MSU Project Venture 2018                                

February 21, 2018                                Agenda Minutes

   Meeting Materials:
   Test Summaries Kim Stevens
   AssisTechKnow 2018 Flyer                               

March 21, 2018                                     Agenda Minutes

   Meeting Materials:
   Kent CAN - MAC Update March 2018                   

May 16, 2018                                         Agenda Minutes

   Meeting Materials:
   Inclusion Surveys - Compiled Grandville               

September 21, 2016                              Agenda Minutes

     Meeting Materials:
     GVSU Your Health Lecture Flyer
     Western Programs
     MAF Brochure
     USAPT Team Rating Form
     Skills 2016-10-18 Holland                               

October 19, 2016                                   Agenda Minutes

     Meeting Materials:
     ASK Dates
     USAPT Presentation
     October 2016 ASK Parent Support Mtg.               

December 7, 2016                                  Agenda Minutes

     Meeting Materials:
     New Budget form for UCS
     UCS School Program Starter
     Special Olympics Sports                                  

January 25, 2017                                   Agenda Minutes

     Meeting Materials:      
     Spanish Passport
     ASD Boot Camp Flyer                                     

February 15, 2017                                 Agenda Minutes

     Meeting Materials:
     2nd Annual Walk for Autism Flyer
     Work Opportunities for Young Adults w/Autism
     EBR Eligibility 2016
     EBR Key
     Ed Benefit Presentation
     Educational Benefit Revised
     Reflection Questions
     2017 Jacks Place Summer Camp
     2017 Scholarship Application
     2017 Summer Camp Application                     

March 15, 2017                                     Agenda Minutes

     Meeting Materials:
     Ability Weavers Brochures                              

May 24, 2017                                         Agenda Minutes

     Meeting Materials:
     Caledonia Community Conversation
     GRPS Summer Community Resources
     Kent CAN Dates 17-18                                    

September 30, 2015                                                Agenda     Minutes  

     Meeting Materials:
     ASD Conference Flyer
     Creating your REMC 8 Media Booking Acct
     Kent CAN Lending Library
     RCN Fall Update 2015                                                         

October 28, 2015                                                    Agenda     Minutes

      Meeting Materials:
      Link to Project SEARCH in the News
      Project SEARCH Presentation
      Project SEARCH Application
      Project SEARCH Program Descriptions
      ASD Conference Flyer
      ASD Schedule at a Glance
      ASD Breakout Sessions                                                       

January 27, 2016                                                    Agenda    Minutes

     Meeting Materials:
     Night to Shine Flyer
     ASD and Sexuality Oakland
     Kent CAN FBA Presentation
     MI Alliance for Families
     P2P Course Overview                                                           

February 24, 2016                                                  Agenda    Minutes

     Meeting Materials:
     A Place for Us Dance Flyer
     Sensory Friendly Night
     Support Group - Feb 18
     Employment Solutions Academy
     Kent CAN Updates
     ABA Services PP                                                                  

March 30, 2016                                                       Agenda    Minutes

     Meeting Materials:
     VS Hokki Stool Pricing - Kent ISD
     Hope Network Bridge Walk
     Picture Exchange System (PECS) Flyer
     Kent CAN Dates 2016-17
     Kent BYF 16-17 Schedule
     START Conference Leadership                                           

May 25, 2016                                                          Agenda    Minutes

     Meeting Materials:

September 24, 2014                            Agenda    Minutes

Meeting Materials:
Kent CAN Goals
Effective Supports for Students w/ASD
AssisTechKnow Enrollment
Google Chrome Drive

October 29, 2014
ASD Guidelines                                   Agenda    Minutes

Meeting Materials:
Current Happenings
Certificate of Completion and Diploma

January 28, 2015
Peer to Peer: Show and Share
           Agenda    Minutes

Meeting Materials:
RCN Mid Year 2014-15
Caledonia P2P History
ASD Guidelines - Final


February 25, 2015
Transition: Implementation Science
Agenda    Minutes

Meeting Materials:
Transition Center - The Empowerment Model


March 25, 2015
PBIS - Supports for Students w/ASD               Agenda     Minutes

Meeting Materials:
Kent CAN Catalog
AT Catalog
MTSS Catalog
MTSS Powerpoint
2015 Walk for Awareness flier


May 27, 2015
Evidence Based Practices & Transition Projects  Agenda            Minutes

Meeting Materials:
ASD Conference Flyer
RCN End of Year 2014-15
ASD Guidelines


September 25, 2013
Subcommittee Intro/PODD
         Agenda      Minutes

Meeting Materials:
- Behavior Data - Scatterplot
- Communicative Form and Function Checklist
- Engagement Data
- EPLI Trainers by Mod & RCN Questions 8-28-13
- Independence Data
- KD RCN P2P Info
- RCN Begin Year 2013
- Social Data

October 23, 2013
Lending Library                            Agenda      Minutes

Meeting Materials:

- Kent CAN Lending Library 10-23-13
- PD Workshops 2013-14
- Dunlap IEP PPT
- Request for Push-In AIB

December 4, 2013
Peer to Peer
                                   Agenda      Minutes

Meeting Materials:
- Kenowa Hills Benchmark for Cert. of Completion
- Kent Can Subcommittee Work Groups
- Plan for Information Dissemination

January 29, 2014
                                       Agenda      Minutes

Meeting Materials:
- 2013-14 START Trainings
- Effective Supports for Students with ASD in GE - 3/27/14
- Natural Supports - Transition Subcommittee

February 26, 2014
Evaluation Guidelines                   Agenda      Minutes

Meeting Materials:
- Communication and Language Assessments

March 26, 2014
Brochure/Website                          Agenda      Minutes

Meeting Materials:
- 2014 Walk for Autism Awareness Flier
- ARC 2014 Webinar Series Descriptions
- Supporting Communication in High School
- Supporting Functional Communication in High School

May 28, 2014
Evidence Based Practices             Agenda      Minutes

Meeting Materials:

Contact Us:

Alissa Hofstee
Behavioral Supports Consultant

Lori Matthews
Administrative Assistant