Talent Triangle Vision & Mission


To develop a world-class workforce in West Michigan by ensuring students are college and career ready.

The West Michigan Talent Triangle (WMTT) believes that cooperation amongst the talent community is critical to meeting the needs of our communities and economy. The talent community is comprised of all actors and agents that provide or receive educational services.


Proactively advocate for student- centered, evidence-based policies that ensure students are college and career ready.

This work will be accomplished through collaboration with the talent community to meet the needs of our regional economy.

Key Strategic Operating Principles

  • Legislative and community advocacy efforts are driven by a mutually beneficial need to develop a world-class work force in West Michigan.
  • The work is pro-active in that it will intentionally engage the ideas and understanding of diverse stakeholders committed to the common goal of world-class talent development. The WMTT will work to author and influence legislative proposals.
  • The work is student-centered and collaborative; sensitive to the rich educational diversity in the region.

Key Benchmarks

The WMTT will align its advocacy work with established benchmarks that ensure students are meeting key educational targets on their way to becoming college and career ready. The proposed benchmarks include:

  • Kindergarten Readiness (metric: Michigan Model for School Readiness)
  • 3rd Grade Reading Proficiency (metrics: MEAP and/or other national, state and local assessments)
  • 8th Grade Math Scores (metrics: MEAP and/or other national, state and local assessments)
  • College and Career Ready (metrics: ACT, NCRC, remedial coursework, median income, unemployment)