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Earn high school credit while receiving job training in a real work environment! After you've successfully completed your first year in a classroom setting at the Kent Transition Center, you can enter our second year Internship Program and develop your career skills at an actual job site. You'll be placed at a business that aligns with your first year program and work alongside their employees to build your current skills and learn new ones!  An Internship Facilitator will visit you monthly and you'll see your Employment Training Specialist every week. Both of these staff members are dedicated to helping you achieve success throughout your entire training experience.

• Apply what you've learned during your first year at KTC
• Gain valuable training from actual employees at real worksites
• Develop your hands-on and employability skills
• Learn how to work together as a member of a team
• Make connections with people in your chosen industry
• Build an impressive work experience resume



Internship Program - Intro

Benefits of an Internship

Responsibilities of Internship Student 

Criteria for Internship Participation 


 Business Student - 1      Retail Student - 2      Hospitality Student - 1

 Landscape Horticulture Student - 1             Transportation Student - 1             Facilities Maintenance Student - 1


Contact Information

Regions 1 & 2:

Ben Trentham
Internship Facilitator
616.365.2205 (office) 616.893.1776 (cell)
Brenda Brower
Employment Training Specialist
Ashley Craddock
Employment Training Specialist

Regions 3 & 4:

Mike Kelley
Internship Facilitator
616.365.2372 (office)
616.893.1301 (cell)

Susan Balas
Employment Training Specialist
616.365.2391, x2618
Holly Nichols
Employment Training Specialist
616.365.2391, x2879