KTC Programs

Year 1

At KTC, students explore career fields and find a great place to start theirs.  In the classrooms and labs students learn about and develop the qualities and skills employers look for.  They are actively involved with hands-on learning and meaningful activities where they can see results.  Students will also work with other students and teachers to complete projects and meet goals.  They will write a resume, practice filling out job applications, and participate in mock interviews.

Academic skills are part of all of the courses at KTC.  Math, Language Arts, and Visual Performing Arts skills are taught.  There is an opportunity for home school districts to grant online experience credit, a half credit of math, a full credit of Visual Performing Arts, and/or a half credit of English/Language Arts.  This is dependent on the credit granting policies of the home school.


  • Automotive 
  • Child & Family Care   
  • Child Development Credential (CDA)
  • Hospitality/Culinary
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail Marketing

Year 2

Internship Program - Learning doesn't stop with our classrooms and labs.  In our second year, if students are ready for an internship, they can spend time on a job site and see how business works and how to apply what they've learned on an ACTUAL job site.  They can experience the world of work and get additional training in their second KTC year.  Students get help from business mentors and KTC staff, who will go right to the work site.  The skills they learn will help prepare them for independent, competitive employment.

Possible Worksites:

Students can experience various employers (directly related to your Year 1 program area) out of the dozens of local companies that partner with KTC.


KTC offers a new, innovative program designed to meet the needs of Kent County's secondary students that are not yet prepared for independent, competitive employment, which is an enrollment requirement for KTC.  The CORE program will better prepare (empower) the students for adult life by working mainly on career and employability skills, but also teaching them to invest in their community through community participation, and when needed, provide instruction with semi-independent living skills.

The location for this class is off-site at Mary Free Bed YMCA, a revolutionary new facility designed with everyone in mind. We are happy to be partnering with them in using their facilities for our classroom and collaborating with them for hands-on experiences for our students.