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Our Discovery Center offers hundreds of students in local high schools the opportunity to analyze their skills and interests, consider career options and determine if a KTC program is right for them.

Make the choice to come visit us at the Kent Transition Center. The Discovery Center is a welcoming place. Our informal setting and friendly staff help students explore their interests and talents. They can learn about us, learn about themselves and make some career decisions

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Sneak Peek (Day 1) Visits are designed to help students find out if Kent Transition Center is the right place for them and which program suits them best. Students participating should be looking for possible fall enrollment for the following school year. Sneak Peek is offered on Mondays and Wednesdays, groups will consist of 10 to 20 students with staff from their school. They will be able to rotate through a variety of activity booths and walk through the labs in the KTC building. The Sneak Peek experience is the first step before visiting a classroom of interest for each individual student. Our staff is dedicated to helping students and will answer questions the students have about careers, training and employment.

Do It!

This is the students' favorite part. After they explore their interests and abilities during our Sneak Peek visit, their high school counselor can sign them up for a program visit. This gives the student a chance to join in whatever the class is doing, from baking desserts to changing oil in cars or patching a hole in drywall. In the classes, students will experience the same kinds of learning they do on a day-to-day basis if they choose to enroll.

After students complete their program visit schools will be able to access our online system and check for placement recommendation. Be sure to talk over this experience with your student to help him or her decide if KTC is the right choice. We hope it is!

If you would like more information, please come take a tour and learn what we have to offer. Please contact Dawn Morgan at

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