What is the cost?

$725 per student per course per year for Kent ISD residents ($825 for non-Kent ISD residents) is paid by many districts/schools for their students. However, please consult with the counselor/principal/director of your school about its Kent ATYP tuition policy. Individual payment arrangements are the responsibility of the parent and the sending school. Registration is not complete until a Responsibility Agreement has been received by Kent ISD. Kent ISD will bill each student’s school in January, after the ATYP instructor, parents and student have been able to determine that Kent ATYP is an appropriate placement for the student. If the parents are responsible for tuition, payment should be made to the sending school as agreed. If a student is home schooled except for ATYP, contact Mary Nell Baldwin, Kent ATYP Executive Director, for an individual agreement.

Registration Fee 

There is a $25 non-refundable fee to register for Kent ATYP due at the time of registration in the spring of each year. The registration fee is usually paid by the student’s parents and indicates the student’s serious intent to participate in Kent ATYP in the fall. Classes are formed and instructors scheduled based on the number of students registered by early June.