How does course credit apply?

First of all, ATYP classes are HIGH SCHOOL level courses. Each semester, Kent ATYP semester student evaluations will provide recommendations(s) to the sending school for granting credit. Kent ATYP suggests to sending schools that Kent ATYP credit be recorded on the student’s high school transcript as soon as the student’s transcript is generated, and that student semester evaluations be included in the student’s cumulative folder. In accordance with Michigan law, high school credit should be awarded for mastery* of high school content. Kent ATYP courses are carefully aligned with the High School Content Expectations (HSCE) and National Common Core. Course alignment documents are available to schools upon request. Student placement for the fourth and subsequent years should be based on the student’s demonstrated mastery of content. Kent ATYP has no control over whether or not “Honors Points” are awarded by the school. Final credit decisions are the prerogative of the school, but should reflect the student’s mastery of content.  Michigan law now requires that students be given high school credit for high school courses mastered before entering high school.

Upon completing some ATYP courses, such as Algebra I/II, students have mastered two full years of high school math and should receive credit for high school Algebra I and high school Algebra II. For ATYP courses such as PreCalc/Statistics (Year 3 of ATYP Math sequence) and LA III students take one or two AP exams and should be awarded credit for those courses based on test scores. PreCalc/Statistics students take the AP Statistics exam; LA III students should receive English Honors 11 credit plus credit for AP English: Literature and Composition and/or AP English Language and Composition based on exams taken and scores earned.

State Positions on Credit Granting

Parents/counselors need to be aware of state level positions regarding the granting of high school credit, in case a question should arise:

1) Section 1279b of the Michigan School Code provides for Credit By Examination (Testing Out). The law, in effect since 1993, requires that students enrolled in high school (those who have completed eighth grade) have the option to “test out” of courses in which they are not enrolled. The parent must request that their student be given the opportunity to test out of a course, or courses; first and second year algebra, for instance.  The student must then pass, at a level equivalent to a grade of C+ or higher, the course final examination.  Students who pass must then be granted high school credit for the course(s).  The credit must be recorded on the high school transcript, although no grade is to be recorded.  Credits earned under Section 1279B count toward fulfillment of course sequence requirements, but may or may not be counted toward fulfillment of the district’s graduation requirements as determined by the local Board of Education.

2) The new (2006) Required High School Curriculum (The “Merit Core”) legislation includes the following in Section 1278A: (4) A student is considered to have completed a credit if the student successfully completes the subject area content expectations or guidelines developed by the Michigan Department of Education that apply to the credit.  A school district or public school academy shall base its determination of whether a student has successfully completed the subject area content expectations or guidelines developed by the department that apply to a credit at least in part on the student’s performance on the assessments developed or selected by the Department or on 1 or more assessments developed or selected by the school district or public school academy that measure a student’s understanding of the subject area content expectations or guidelines that apply to the credit.  (*ATYP students do take the available state exams each spring and must score 70% or higher to fulfill this requirement.)

3) If a pupil successfully completes 1 or more of the high school credits required under subsection (1) or under section 1278A (1) before entering high school, the pupil shall be given high school credit for that credit.

4) Families should be aware that the Michigan State Board of Education, in its January 7, 1998 Resolution for Talent Development Week, stated the following:                                                                                           

Whereas, the Board encourages school districts to establish policies which eliminate barriers and allow students to progress at their own rate and receive appropriate credit for course work completed, regardless of age or grade placement.

Parent advocacy for local adoption of the types of policies encouraged by the State Board of Education is an effective way to ensure that the content mastery demonstrated by Kent ATYP students is appropriately recognized and recorded as high school credit for those Michigan Merit Core courses mastered before high school. 

Language Arts

LA I = English Honors 9
LA II= English Honors 10
LA III= English Honors 11  (with option to take the AP Language and Composition/AP Literature and Composition test at student cost at home HS)


Year I

Algebra I = Algebra I  High School level integrated with STEM activities
Algebra II = Advanced Algebra High School level integrated with STEM activities

Year II

Geometry = Geometry High School level with Trigonometry and Computer 3-D based systems

Year III

Advanced Math = PreCalc and Statistics (with option to take the AP STATS test at student cost at home HS)