How do students get to ATYP?

Some districts with multiple students participating transport students to Kent ATYP classes. The move to the Kent Career Technical Center has helped districts pool their transportation times since they were transporting students to this campus already. However, many students are transported by parents individually or in carpools.  The Kent Career Technical Center has ample parking and easy access.

What about SNOW DAYS?

Because ATYP students come from all over Kent County and even adjacent counties, frequently not all schools close for weather on the same days. ATYP will be closed if Kent Career Technical Center is closed.  ATYP will close if such a high percentage of our students come from schools that are closed that our classes will not be viable. If ATYP closes, ATYP will attempt to notify parents by email and/or Moodle. If ATYP classes are meeting when your school has a snow day, parents should decide whether it is safe to drive their student to ATYP. Whenever there is a snow day, students should check their class Moodle for instructions and assignments.