How are ATYP students identified?

Stage I

Current fifth (97%tile), sixth and seventh grade students who score in the top five percent on a nationally normed achievement test or have a comparable score on the M-Step are identified by school districts. Parents or teachers may also nominate a student who appears to have unusually high verbal or mathematical ability.

Stage II

To be considered for participation in Kent ATYP, students identified in Stage I must take an SAT or ACT Test. This may be done through the Northwestern University Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS) or by independently taking an SAT or ACT at a local site. See ACT website for coming test dates and registration information. Regardless of which way the ACT/SAT is taken, ALL STAGE II IDENTIFICATION TESTING MUST BE COMPLETE BY THE FIRST SATURDAY IN APRIL in order for ATYP to receive scores in time to contact students about Stage III. Qualifying scores are listed below:


For Math                       

With prior Algebra

SAT* Math > 560 or ACT Math > 21
Math+Verbal > 1040 or Composite > 21
Not currently above 7th grade.

Without prior Algebra

SAT* Math > 530 or ACT Math > 21
Math+Verbal > 1010 or Composite > 21
Not currently above 7th grade.                   

For Language Arts

SAT* Critical Reading > 520 or ACT English + Reading > 46
(English and Reading scores each at least 22)

*Qualifying SAT scores may change with the new SAT.

Stage III (Screening)

Since 2009, to further qualify for ATYP placement, a group normed problem solving test score has been required, along with the usual ATYP Algebra placement test or ATYP Language Arts writing sample. These assessments will be administered by Kent ISD ATYP staff in mid-May. Our goal, is the best possible match between student and program. All identification is completed by the first week of June.

When are ATYP students identified?

The timeline for identification is very important. Students MUST have completed either testing at a designated NUMATS center, or have taken the ACT or SAT by the FEBRUARY TESTING DATES in order for their scores to get to us by April. Screening occurs in May and all students meet with their instructors and begin the summer online portion of the program the first week of June.

What is NUMATS?

<Link to NUMATS.  (If your child is in 5th grade or below, you will need to call Mary Nell Baldwin at Kent ISD (616-365-2284) for assistance in registering for the ACT or SAT.)

Each fall there is an informational meeting held at the Kent ISD Educational Service Center the third Monday in October 6:30-8:00 for any parents interested in learning more about NUMATS testing and what is needed to enter the ATYP program.