Capturing Kids' Hearts

What is Capturing Kids' Hearts?

Capturing Kids’ Hearts is a teaching and learning program and process.

Goals for Capturing Kids’ Hearts (CKH)

The goals of CKH are:

  • To build relationships
  • To build high performing teams
  • To build safe classrooms and schools

What is included in CKH professional development?

The Capturing Kids’ Hearts training provides educators with the tools to:build relationships and high performing teams in their classrooms and schools.

Educators learn to use the EXCEL teaching model with their students or staff.

EXCEL means:

  • Engage
  • Explore
  • Communicate
  • Empower
  • Launch

Capturing Kids’ Hearts promotes relevance, rigor and relationships. By teaching students respect and responsibility the process supports diversity, character education, bully prevention, service-learning and safe school initiatives. The entire process teaches employability skills and promoters career preparation. In the end, Capturing Kids’ Hearts provides educators with the tools to leave a legacy of impacted lives.

Capturing Kids’ Hearts - Lessons include:

* Social Anxiety

*Personal Responsibility

* Steps for Personal   Growth

* Self Concept

* First Impressions

* Emotional Intelligence

* Reframing

*Teaching Styles * Dealing with Misbehavior
* Social Contact

*Quality Leadership

* Group & Classroom Stages

Capturing Kids’ Hearts Equips Educators to:

Take Capturing Kids' Hearts back to the families, classroom, school and district

Capturing Kids’ Hearts provides a foundation for developing meaningful relationships which will help students learn. Kent ISD sponsors professional development in Capturing Kids’ Hearts through the Flippen Group from College Station, Texas

What is the Capturing Kids’ Hearts – Discipline Model?

Behave In – Behave Out is a process designed to help students manage and accept responsibility for their own attitudes and behavior. The model uses four (4) basic questions. The system builds self managing classrooms.

What is a brief summary of Capturing Kids' Hearts?

CKH is a process and program

CKH is a process for instruction and leadership in education CKH is program to improve student behavior and and reduce discipline incidents

CKH is Not a Curriculum

Although curriculum guides and leadership classes support the process

CKH is primarily a process to:
  • Build relationships with colleagues, customers, students
  • Promote accountability and responsibility for each other and our students
  • Help educators and students take responsibility for our own attitudes and behaviors - building self managing classrooms and work places
  • Help motivate educators & students reach high academic, career and professional goals

Why should educators participate in Capturing Kids’ Hearts?

Capturing Kids’ Hearts changes lives. If a person cares about students, Capturing Kids’ Hearts is an outstanding way to impact educators and children. The ASCD Educational Leadership Journal – March 2006 – Included a Feature Story - Starting with Soul.  The article stated, "In addition to content, teaching methods, learning outcomes and standards, conversations and professional development in education needs to focus on the passion and purpose of education. Professional development needs to explore ways to engage educators in a process of commitment to students and learning"

Where do educators learn more about Capturing Kids' Hearts?

Browse for Capturing Kids’ Hearts professional development sessions in Grand Rapids or other cities go to: