Youth Mental Health

Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education (AWARE)

Kent ISD is launching a new initiative to increase youth mental health education, access, and referral.Network 180, county community mental health agency, is the primary partner working with Kent ISD.Kent ISD is collaborating with the Michigan Department of Education, Michigan Department of Community Health and two (2) other intermediate school districts to implement the project. Read our one page description here. Kent ISD is collaborating with Network 180 to provide Youth Mental Heatlh First Aid trainings.


To support state, school, and community partnerships to build and expand capacity to:

  1. increase awareness of mental health concerns experienced by school-aged youth;
  2. improve the mental health literacy of adults interacting with school-aged youth; and
  3. detect, respond to and connect children, youth, and families who may be living with behavioral health concerns with appropriate services.


Communities that support and promote the positive mental health and wellness of children and youth in Michigan through integrated and culturally responsive state and local systems.

Goals and Objectives

To design and implement a Strategic Plan for youth mental health education, access, and referral  To design and implement a coordinated system to advance wellness & resiliency in youth

  1. To increase the number of districts and students served by Project Aware through the Intermediate School District (ISD)
  2. To increase the capacity of educational systems to detect, respond to, and connect children, youth, and families with appropriate behavioral health resources and supports through increased coordination and collaboration between schools, behavioral health systems, and community partners.   
  3. To increase awareness of the behavioral health needs of school aged youth among students, families, school personnel, and community members through education, promotion, and prevention.   
  4. To increase the capacity of educational systems to collect, compile and use data to improve the behavioral health of school aged youth.  

Read more about our goals and objectives

Project AWARE educational services are designed to increase understanding for the following:


  •  Importance of mental health
  • Relationship between mental health, improved education, and overall health outcomes
  • Precipitating factors, signs, and symptoms of mental distress
  • Prevention & treatment of mental and substance use disorders
  • Strategies to support youth development through mental health education, access, and referral


Project AWARE – Michigan The Enhanced National CLAS Standards Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services Standards in Schools. CLAS Standards Handout

Kent ISD Contact: Steve Dieleman, Project AWARE - Manager