Kent ISD Career Readiness is pleased to support counselors  by providing up to 10 opportunities to earn SCECH (State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) through participation in our popular Talk & Tour Career Series events.  

These SCECHs will count towards the School Counselor Career Exploration requirements.

Each Talk & Tours event provides counselors an opportunity to meet and learn directly from 4-5 professionals, right in their work settings. A variety of career pathways are available.

Through a moderated panel discussion, counselors will learn about:
  • a variety of career paths available in a high-demand industry
  • education and training requirements needed
  • the daily tasks and responsibilities of 4-5 occupations
  • "Inside-scoop" , current industry information not readily available through standard career research resources
  • Recommendations, guidance and encouragement from awesome panelists
  • current workplace environments, seen firsthand through a guided tour 
These career exploration events will help counselors provide accurate and relevant information to their students as they explore and prepare for post-secondary opportunities.
SCECHs are available for 10 Talk & Tour Career Series events throughout the 2019/2020 school year. Each event lasts just under 2 hours. SCECH forms will be available at the events. 

Current SCECH offerings:

Offering 1        December 11, 2019        Custer, Inc. – Interior Design event

Offering 2        December 11, 2019        Pleune Services – Construction and Engineering event

Offering 3        February 11, 2020           Mary Free Bed – Health Care event

Offering 4        March 17, 2020               Grand Rapids Police Department – Public Safety event

Offering 5        March 18, 2020               Rockford Construction – Construction and Engineering event

Offering 6        March 25, 2020               Swoboda – Engineering event

Offering 7        April 14, 2020                  Grand Rapids Symphony – Arts and Communication event

Offering 8        April 14, 2020                  Cherry Health – Health Care event

Offering 9        April 30, 2020                  Pine Rest – Health Care event

Offering 10      Mary 6, 2020                   Spectrum Health – Health Care event