Download permission slips for Groundhog Shadow Day 2019

What Is Groundhog Shadow Day All About? 

​Have you started to look around your classroom and wonder, "What's Next?" or dream about the job you will do after high school?

Are you interested in pulling back the curtain of the world of work and spending the day with a mentor?

​If you answered "yes" - #GSD19 is for you!
Friday, February 1, 2019, 9:00 AM - 2:00  PM
Who: Kent County 9-12 grade students.

You get to choose the role that is right for you!  There will be over 1,000 job shadow opportunities on the job shadow board from which to choose. 
Student registration  is now closed for GSD2019.
Benefits of GSD2019:
  • Get an overview of the company’s industry, the day-to-day operations of specific departments, positions available, and requirements for successful employment (i.e., level of education, career pathways); Not all job shadows are one on one. 
  • Interact with a variety of professionals with different levels of responsibility, education, and experience;
  • Engage in a hands-on activity or demonstration that reflects the skills required in that sector, if possible; and
  • Preview current or recent projects so you understand some of the potential work demands required.
Need to Know:
  • It is your responsibility to make transportation arrangements to/from your job shadow location. 
  • It is your responsibility to make arrangements with your school to have your absence excused. The Career Readiness team is happy to provide any details your guidance or administrative office required. (Tip: many schools will treat a job shadow experience similar to a college visit).
Mentor / Host Sign-Up
Registration is now closed, but contact to be put on a list for next year!  

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