STEM Lesson Development

There are always more ideas than there is time...

Business Problems Library

In this YouTube video series Kent ISD Career Readiness gets you in the door of a local business partner to see the real-world application of classroom content. You can use these short videos to reinforce or introduce the standards you need to teach, based on an industry problem.  These videos can help you answer “Why do I have to know this?”.  These STEM Business Problems Library installments cover everything from basic forces and interactions to advanced electronics, coding, robotics, and much more. Email our STEM consultants at for support.

Classroom Deployment

We feel it is important to stay engaged in classrooms. In addition to active industry involvement (often in an instructional capacity) our STEM consultants will host classroom learning experiences for teachers in order to model best practice for STEM lesson delivery.  

STEM Unit (Re)Design

Our consultants have successfully lead the development and deployment of  STEM units, lessons, and even multiple-grade school-within-a-school programs. contact us at for assistance.

Design Thinking

With decades of industry experience, our consultants have solved thousands of business problems. Design thinking is used to solve business problems. You can leverage this business heuristic in your classroom to teach or enhance critical thinking skills and approaches to problem solving. Contact us at to get started.

The Impact

Upcoming Events

March 13
Groundhog Job Shadow Day
Groundhog Job Shadow Day
Date: Mar 13
Calendar: Career Readiness

Have you started to look around your classroom and wonder, "What's Next?" or dream about the job you will do after high school? Are you interested in pulling back the curtain of the world of work and spending the day with a mentor? If you answered "yes" - #GSD20 is for you!

When: March 13, 2018

Time: 9AM - 2PM

Where:You get to choose the role that is right for you - there are almost 300 roles to shadow for the day! Click here for more GSD 20 information!

Elementary students program a drone