Technical Review, Assistance & Compliance (TRAC)

The Career and Technical Education State-Approved CIP Program Self-Review process used by the OCTE requires administrators and instructors of all secondary state-approved CTE programs (both wage earning and Family and Consumer Science) to conduct a self-review of their programs based on key criteria. Based on this self-review, improvement needs for the program are identified and a plan of action is to be developed and implemented. Thank you for your dedication to excellence.

The CIP Self-Review: 
• Is designed as a growth experience for teachers and administrators 
• Helps ensure program quality 
• Identifies promising practices and areas of concern 
• Must be reviewed and signed by administrator 

The TRAC system:
• Provides on-site review of grant recipients/CTE programs
• Assesses compliance with state and federal laws that govern funding
• Is conducted by the Office of Career and Technical Education (OCTE)
• Provides technical assistance for continuous improvement of state-approved CTE programs

Kent ISD district programs that will be part of the on-site review in February 2013 have been notified and are working to gather the information requested by the State.

Program data that has been compiled into a TRAC notebook must now be uploaded into Navigator so it can be easily accessed by administrators, instructors and State personnel.  Please use the links on the left side of this page to assist you.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

TRAC Resources

Navigator Login
Navigator & TRAC How-to
CIP Self-Review document (rev. 2015) 
Administrative Guide for CTE in Michigan
Annual Notice of CTE Opportunities
Articulation - Statewide Secondary Agreements  
CIP Program Endorsements for CTE Instruction - NEW!   
Core Performance Indicators (CPIs) - Explanation
Core Performance Indicators (CPIs) - How to Generate Reports in CETIS 
CPI Reports in CTEIS (link)  
CTE Funding/Added Cost Resources
CTE Teacher Endorsement Codes/Courses to Teach
CTEIS - data links from MDE
Guidelines for Awarding Credit in CTE
OCTE FAQ reference manual
Programs of Study - Grand Rapids Community College  
Promoting CTE    
Pupil Accounting Manual
Segment Mapping Form (Instructional Design 1 Yr Semesters)  
Segment Mapping Form (Instructional Design 2 Yr Semesters)   
Segment Mapping Form (Instructional Design Multiyear Semesters)    
Segment Mapping Form (Instructional Design 1 Yr Trimesters)   
Segment Mapping Form (Instructional Design 2 Yr Trimesters)   
Segment Mapping Form (Instructional Design Multiyear Trimesters)   
Teacher Certification Verification
TRAC Document Checklist   
TRAC (old) Notebook tabs
TRAC FCS update Process flowchart  
TRAC Pgm update Process flowchart
When is this CTE Report Due?  
Work-Based Learning Guide  

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For More Information, Please Contact:

Jarrad Grandy
Director of Career Readiness

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Administrative Assistant