What is Kent ISD?

Kent ISD is a regional educational service agency devoted to achievement for all students.  We provide instructional and administrative services to more than 300 schools, 20 public districts, three non-public districts, and many public school academies and non-public schools within our boundaries. We serve the broader community by helping our schools prepare nearly 120,000 students for school and life success.

View our service catalog at this link: http://servicecatalog.kentisd.org

We help districts devote more dollars directly to the classroom by providing essential services, collaborative initiatives and valuable learning for the region's students and teachers. Regional collaboration is the way we work, both with our school districts and our community partners. Together, we lead learning for the region.

Although Kent ISD has several great student programs that are run on our campus at Knapp and the Beltline and satellite campuses throughout the county, the Career Readiness department is designed to support ALL students and staff in our area. 

​You can learn more about many of the local districts we serve on the School News Network .
If you are interested in learning more about any of the programs on our campus please follow the links below:

Kent Career Technical Center (KCTC) 
We take project-based learning to a whole new level. By integrating the learning environment with real-world applications, we arm students with knowledge and experience they can apply directly to college and career.

Kent Transition Center (KTC)
KTC provides an entry level occupational training environment which through a range of experiences enables students to transition from school to work.

Kent Innovation High (KIH)
WE ARE AN INCUBATOR OF INNOVATION FOR STUDENTS & EDUCATORS! We are very different from traditional high schools. With a focus on project-based learning and collaboration with both students and teachers, Kent Innovation High  demonstrates some of the best thinking in the country about teaching and learning. Success for all students is a driving goal of this "lab" school, which serves as a learning laboratory for teachers and administrators who want to innovate back in their own schools
My School @ Kent 
MySchool@Kent is a real, local school with genuine credits and a local diploma, but designed for you, by you. The school is student-centered and teacher-driven featuring online instruction with extensive support. It's flexible, rigorous and personalized...but you're not all alone